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Ghosh Dhrupadi

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Dhrupadi Ghosh

Dhrupadi Ghosh was born in 1984, Kolkata, India. Her academic career shaped in Santiniketan, Visva-bharati. Technically she is a sculptor. Further did her study from Villa Arson, Nice. She got to work in City as Studio, Sarai. Which was one of the most crucial steps not to step back with the process she was injected with.

While studying in Villa Arson and working at serigraphy studio, teacher Anne said “are you going to place the stickers in gallery?” The stickers said “en fait” and “absurd” were placed around the walls of Le Ray and Jean Medecin overnight. Petite silkscreen stickers offset or digit posters, sloganeering or simple stencils mark the physical texture of a barren or macro active space. “Experience as habitation” intervenes the social matrix of functioning as a performer. She thinks that “labour” brings her some pint of power and interactive mode of operation to push the boundaries.

She doesn’t really know how to posit a self-armature, which she doesn’t believe in. She asks, “We are all consumed, then why to noise up for a position, just because protest and people are worth selling?” “You come and tell me, I love your oil and I leave some inch. Now you tell me I love the wind here and I go away with some more inches and I don’t know how to deal with Art.” She wonders.

Dhrupadi Ghosh now lives and works in Kolkata.