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Future Cinema:Moving Image in Contemporary Asia

Future Cinema:Moving Image in Contemporary Asia——Li Xianting’s Film Fund New Book Launch and Forum

2013.08.27 Tue14:00 to 2013.08.27 Tue18:00

UCCA, 798 Art District, No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

About this Program 

The Li Xianting’s Film Fund has been officially carrying out and inviting a series of research, writing and publishing projects with a theme of “Film & Contemporary Art” since 2012. By 2013, the first series is published, including three case study results from Taiwan, mainland China and India, namely,” “Tsai Ming-liang: From Cinema to Contemporary/Art” “Yang Fudong: Like Water Leaving Traces” ”Raqs Media Collective:Kinetic Contemplations” The forum will focus on the feasibility of interdisciplinary practice and theoretical research of contemporary film. From the perspective of “Asia” , they will distinguish “the west ” in film and art history and interpret the evolution of marginal roles and active dynamics in global discourse.

Notice :You can collect your ticket from the ticket desk up to 30 minutes before the event begin. No late entry .


About the Guest 


Shuddhabrata Sengupta, one member of Raqs Media Group (India), artist, filmmaker, media practitioner, curator, researcher and editor.


Chen Yun, Researcher and Project Executive for West


Sing Song-yong, associate professor of Animation Art and Image Aesthetics Institute of Tainan National University of Arts, Taiwan. He is the chief editor of “Art Critique of Taiwan (ACT)” and associate editor of “Film Appreciation Academic Journal”. He is also the author of “Tsai Ming-liang: From Cinema to Contemporary/Art”


Li Xianting, famous art critic, art theorist, curator and founder of Li Xianting’S Film Fund.


Zhang Yehong, General manager of Beijing Beepub Media & Culture Publishing Co.,Ltd,chief editor of Beepub Publishing Company and founder of Beijing Beepub Bookstore



Dong Bingfeng, curator, producer, and Art Director  of Li Xianting's film fund


Organized by  

Li Xiantin's  Film Fund 

BeePub Publishing Company