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Shanghai Collage: Dinghai Qiao


Shanghai Collage: Dinghai Qiao

2014.10.28 Tue to 2014.11.06 Thu

Dinghai Qiao, Shanghai Jiaotong University Xuhui Campus

Same-Same is a project initiated by West Heavens since 2011. It has invited three groups of students from KRVIA Architecture School Mumbai, to work with Shanghai local young architecture students to refresh the tools and views in investigating Shanghai. Same as 2013, this year's project will focus on the sight of Dinghai Qiao, an old worker’s neighborhood to observe the changes of residential conditions in the urbanization and the history and realities of specific classes. This is also the initial of the three-year exchange program between KRVIA and Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Instructors: Fan Wenb​ing, Kalpit Ashar
Exhibition Venue: 252 Dinghaigang Road, Shanghai
Exhibition Period: November 6 - 9 2014
Final Presentation: 10 am, November 5, Wed 2014 (Room 234, Engineering Building, Jiaotong University Xuhui Campus)
Hosted by West Heavens
Participants: Shanghai Jiaotong University Department of Architecture; KRVIA, Mumbai
Supported by Inter-Asia School, Moonchu Foundation