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Becoming Indian: The Composition of the ‘Indian’ in National and Trans-national Spaces

Becoming Indian: The Composition of the ‘Indian’ in National and Trans-national Spaces
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Lecturer: Tejaswini Niranjana  Host: Wang Anyi

Date: Saturday, Dec 11, 2010


Chen Huifen (Institute of Literature, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences) 
Min Dongchao(Professor in Cultural Studies,Shanghai University) 
Zhu Shengjian (Institute of Literature, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences) 

Chen Huifen: 
Born in Shanghai, is a researcher in the Institute of Literature in Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. She focuses on Chinese modern and contemporary literature, and gender cultures. Chen’s major works include A Peek on Myth, Chinese Women Images in Hundreds of Years (as a co-author), etc.. She is also the editor of Metropolitan Female Essays, Shanghai, 20 most frequently asked questions in Modern Female Life, A Selection of Critics in China Modern Female Literature and Culture (co-editor). In the past few years, Chen has shifted her focus of study onto Shanghai metropolitan culture. 

Min Dongchao: 
Min Dongchao received a PhD in Women's Studies at the University of Manchester, UK. She was a Rockefeller Fellow in the Women's Studies Program at University of Hawaii in fall, 2003. She is a Prof. of Culture Studies in Shanghai University and the director of the Centre for Gender and Culture Studies in Shanghai University, 
Her research interests are the areas of globalization and gender, the cross cultural studies and feminist philosophy. She is the author of 'Traveling Theory within the Context of Globalization, Transnational Feminism and Knowledge Production',(2009). Her recent publications include: 'Flowing Space and Lost Places: Rethinking the Imagination of Space and Place in the Context of Globalisation', (2009); 'What about Other Translation Routes (East-West)? The Concept of the Term 'Gender' Traveling into and throughout China'(2008). 

Zhu Shengjian 

Zhu Shengjian (1973~ ) is associate research fellow of Literature Institute, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). He graduated from Shandong University (1996), SASS (1999) and obtained a PhD from Fudan University (2002). His main area of research is Literature Theory and Culture Studies, especially the ideology found in everyday life throughout contemporary Chinese society. He has participated in many research programs and organized several feature discussions on popular culture. His academic output includes journal papers and translation work.